Preserve BAMs Historic District (PBHD) is a collaboration of Fort Greene residents along with neighborhood Brooklynites who have come together to protect low-rise human scale and historically designated contextually zoned blocks from a stupefying 24 story luxury condo skyscraper.

Brooklyn is being taken over by Big Real Estate…by connected developers… by their lobbyists and the Manhattanization therewith being enabled by corrupt politicians.

Brownstones directly across the street

If 130 St Felix is to be permitted to be built- flouting the 1978 Brooklyn Academy of Music Historic District designation – it will be the domino that triggers the justification for further adjacency up-zonings!

If 130 St Felix is ok’ed through the disingenuous ULURP “public comment” process, it will be yet another land and sky grab in the undemocratic hostage taking of neighborhoods throughout NYC.

As a 501c (3) non-profit, you are permitted to deduct your donation.